Musician, visual artist and community arts event organiser

Jo is a versatile clarinet player, playing for ceilidhs, folk dancing, improvisation, theatre, shadow puppetry and community events.  She also plays alto saxophone, accordion and various percussion instruments.  She has performed at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival, Crucible Theatre Sheffield, for Concerteenies, the National Trust and Live Music Now.

 Jo is also a visual artist, with a particular interest in nature art, creating many art pieces from natural materials, such as land art images, leaf and petal pounding.  She is also a lantern maker and shadow puppet maker, co-facilitating creative workshops for festivals and other community events.  Jo combines these skills in creating community visual arts and music events in “Dancing Under the Light of the Silvery Moon” events, supported by EFDSS, and is also one of the main organisers of Sheffield Eurosession’s international events. 

 Jo is a qualified occupational therapist and combines her interest in healing through occupation and with her passion for music and art.